The Lady’s Revenge

A sweet evening to spend, on a path of flowers bright, as the young couple wonder with a sparkle in their eyes
The bad men came around the corner with knifes in hand, a lust for the jewels and the lady upon which they sit, with only a good man to stand in their way

The years that would follow would not be so kind, at least the good man went to heaven, as into her own hell she descends
It is after the years she has suffered, freedom won by chance, the passing assassin had made her captor a target, as the dark warrior they encountered fought to earn his remorse

The hours have passed in an age so long, yet they are willing to wait for the fate they bring, each with a reason and a sin

The room was black, but the warrior was darker still, the two thugs were over confident, the confidence that comes from having an army behind them
Their leader even more so, as he feels no threat from a man alone
Voices are raised; the gang wants its blood, the warrior calm as he delivers his demands

She takes her dagger out of the first, as the second turns to fight, too late to stop the blade that she placed in his gut
The third and forth were no help; an assassin placing an arrow in their backs, the third one to suffer such a fate as the army began to scatter and run

In the room the leader withdraws, scarlet ribbons across the wall, the first thug a mess upon the floor, as the second makes a move too foolish to regard to any degree
The leader running, deep into the night, far from the fight

As the morning sun made its play upon the day the leader crawls into his bed, the remains of his army, staining his bloodied feet, as into the arms of a woman he feels relief
She makes him feel welcome, releases tension with a tease, the wine flowing freely as the previous night’s terror fades
By drink he is weakened and in her arms he lays, all flesh and temptation without his armour and blade

She thinks of the torture as on the nightstand she has glanced, the jewels she wore so long ago, before the terror and the vice
A look in his eyes, as her identity is revealed

White sheets of satin, and night gown of silk
Now red with desire and the vengeance of a woman, having ended the leader’s life


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