The starting inspiration of my next piece

The tundra was as endless as his enhanced vision would allow, many lost souls had looked out upon the expanse and as many had never returned ‘BH, BH…. BH…..’ the comm unit screamed ‘Ah hell, you got to pick up’ it screamed louder. BH surveyed the view; between the carnage, the gunplay and countless betrayals there was nothing like the beauty of an empty space, untouched by human civilisation with its corrupting influences.

Such calm could never last however as it fell victim to the ‘mission’ murdered by the increasing frustration on the other end of the comm line ‘I know your there BH, now PICK UP’, BH wasn’t sure if it was the crackling or the shouting that muffled the last part of that particular transmission, either way it was about time to react. With a tone as flat as the landscape before him “What’s on offer today Bob” a slight emphasise on ‘Bob’ “you got that chip off your shoulder yet!?” oh the fun of ripping the piss out of tightly wound EBF officers.

The crackling voice seethed with pure rage, no matter how bad the connection that fact was neon lit style obvious ‘Kind of been calling on and off for, TWENTY FUCKING MINUTES’ BH was thankful it wasn’t a video link, his canyon wide grin might have been too much for the walking stress heart attack on the other end! ‘I’m the frigin captain of a hunter class EBF warship; I’ve dragged your sorry arse across the sector to this arse end refugee planet AND MY NAME ISN’T BOB’.

To be honest BH was as much about caring as a cat cares about the welfare of its next meal, he even lacked that ‘I give a damn’ spark to the point he wasn’t looking in the direction of the microphone when he delivered the fatal line, holding back the rebellious relish he felt “Whatever you say, Bob” there was a weird cracking noise from the other end of the line, then pure silence, BH’s grin widened. After a couple of minutes the voice returned, this time less senior sounding ‘The captain’s taking a break, to let me fix his comm unit’ followed by ‘the captain did this damage with just his fist?’ BH figured that was not intended for broadcast!


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