To Play the Fool

The role of saint is one I do not wish

Yet it is forced upon me as the halo fits

So I am consumed by others, their issues and joy

But what about my happiness and the times I cry


Shoved in my face the happiness I helped to care

Contrasting the deepening hole, into which I fell

In this place I find no light, just darkness and screams

So in shadows I am unable to hide the truths I can never tell


When the world shows me it’s worse, teeth and claws unleashed

Then casts it all upon me in cruel recourse, no shred of remorse

How can I open up to others, this broken soul I am forced to keep

The judgement unkind, that I know others will unkindly show


Depression, sadness, loneliness, hollowness and shame

Once things I would have avoided with such distain

Now my constant companions on the declining road

To the bloody altar of life, my journeys new goal


Cast me a saint

Cast me a sinner

Cast me a freak

Cast me your fool


Just make it quick

When you sacrifice my spirit

Cut my confidence

Bury my joy

To those that know not

What suffering I endure


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