What I want to say, but can’t!

‘I’m looking for a poison to match my own’

If that isn’t romantic, I’m not human…

The idea of sounding romantic is something that differs from person to person, for me a compliment is ‘I actually give a damn about you’ or ‘your the finest poison, and cure, a man can have’ and the like, not exactly ‘I love you, your so warm and fuzzy I want to cuddle you’ (me saying that or having to hear it might evoke projectile ill health!!). I can only surmise that there are a lot of fluffy bunny people out there, which given a world run by anti-social mercenary bastards like me would be less than ‘fluffy’ is a good thing!

This however presents a problem for me, with all these notions of love been ethereal and light filling the mainstream of romance I’m by comparison a freak, someone who dissects notions like love to find out how they tick, then rebuild them to be more efficient and less faffy whilst keeping the core values intact. It’s not that I’m against the big red hearts on cards and teddy bear industries built around dating and relationship as society teaches it, just that I wish the counterculture of logical people like myself had more obvious outlets.

Imagine a card that says ‘we’re still together, so I figure its working PS: we’ve got to update the pre-nup’ or ‘you annoy the hell out me but for some reason I still want to live with you’ and I don’t mean those messages in a sarcastic/humorous sense!.

Actually, as I read the words I’ve just written I might just check that I am human!

Well with that I’m off to the mechanic, have my oil changed, circuits checked and plug myself into one of those diagnostics computers to see how screwed up I am!!


2 thoughts on “What I want to say, but can’t!

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