A summery of the Insanity that pursues my Waking Hours?


Only a fool looks for the nature of crazy in the realms of logic

But full respect to anyone crazy enough to do so!


4 thoughts on “A summery of the Insanity that pursues my Waking Hours?

  1. One wonders if it is insanity or poison that is haunting your mind, and then, of course, the question mark: is the poison for oneself or another? The motion between would be insanity…

    • The poison I possess is born of a resentment that has been fostered over many years, the only thing that keeps the poison in check is the venom that flows from something older and darker
      Such a situation is the nature of my insanity, that in itself acts as sanity within a mind where the outward mask of normality is merely an illusion projected by insanity
      I just made my head hurt!

      • Yes, mine too 😉 But I understand… I hope the pain your going through will lead to strength rather than hate for you. Yea, when my first wife died when I was younger I was a very angry man…. and, wounded. Took me years of mourning to come to terms with that open wound, and a foolish second marriage to someone who used and abused my kindness. We live, we learn… or, at least we go on or not. I see you like Salinger and Hornsby, too. They know…

      • So yea losing her to cancer left a poison in me as well… such things are just bitter no sweetness in them at all. Either way I hope whatever is tasking you so hard will subside someday and you be strong again and healthy and alive 🙂

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