The Path I forged in the name of a Sin so old


Oh vengeance and wrath, my faithful foe

You are the spark of anger in the tinderbox of emotion I call a temper and once ignited I will be more beast than man

Victims will lay scattered as I advance in rampaging form down the path of justice, however these screaming victims will feel like I have been merciful when they see what I have in store for those responsible for my current course

To go to depths in the pursuit of an initial cause for this brimstone shower has in it more risk than standing in my path, the one I burn with hellfire fuelled by rage so perfect that even demons will cower as I give them an incinerating stare

Such a thing as the first mark in the journey of pain that I have endured would be seen as a minor cut upon the landscape of my calm, but doubters quick will see just how deep it has cut into the chasms of poison that will consume them with little care

The deed is done

The deed is dark

What’s done is etched upon the damned

And oh how much beauty is there in that beastly mark

Eyes once red are frozen with a redeeming blue, oceans still as memories of previous events are sunk below

As without any trace of animalistic form now restored to foreboding prisons behind a face of stone, no hint of remorse or regret can be allowed to show

The journey back upon the path I burned a mere reminder of the power that I keep contained in my fractured soul, to be released should my rage be triggered by some less intelligent fool


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