The Creative Storm, to be struck by inspiration, to be consumed by insanity

Blessings and curses are rarely so clear as in the mind of madness, when logic takes upon itself the mantle of sanity yet is corrupted by the inherent instability of creativity.

The blessing of sight where others are blind to possibility, the curse of seeing what others are incapable of comprehending that fuels the temperament of an artist’s separation from reality.

An imagination is something that has no cure or control yet given the nature of what you seek to remedy there is an irony, to find the answer of how to cure you must further indulge what ails you.

So into cycles of crazy a mind will be cast in order to further progress the mind of a madman, a madman made perfection by the very act of trying to restore the calm that corrupted logic may no longer recognise as reality.

Alas poor sanity, I knew it well….
As with a blade of imagined glory I split it
An act of creativity to bind it
A new word to define it

The Creative Storm, consumer of sanity, devourer of sleep, damnation of the calm, corruptor of logic….

Old friend, loyal companion, inspiration unbound

Part of the ‘Creative Condition’ compilation, which also includes: The deafening colours of emotional extremes


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