Outward Eyes and Inward Lies

I burn as ferociously as a hundred suns cloaked within the shroud of a thousand shadows

The outward eyes of casting glances wash upon the vicious reefs of cold relent

Inward visions of the ever reaching landscapes haunt with beauty as realities collide

To break the fragile divide of desolate emptiness that borders worlds of untold wealth

A challenge of intent that only malicious minds of ill repent may cross with time

As upon the fertile ground those chosen for blind obsession will find their feet may tread

The heat of a hundred suns that with ferocious passion burn less worthy where they stand

Shrouds of a thousand shadows cast into endless mazes those that foolish whims have led

The reward for the proven worthy silently waiting behind the cold dead eyes of tearless sight

Never such a vision of beauty has haunted lesser sights with relentlessly heartless taunts

All held within the placid picture of sanity that profusely lies with maddening logic of a mind so bent

Behind a thousand shadows that with unnerving ease present an image of unwilling content

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