All Hallows (Written early 2000’s)

On all hallows eve

We may all drop our masks

For this one night

Even monsters may walk the streets

Free of persecution and fear

< — >

And though we may not be monsters

The tainted nature that lies beneath innocent eyes

Is far from pure and true

< — >

 But should our true nature be too much a scare

We can always cover it with a new façade

To give us a change from the everyday

< — >

 But as you would show your soul

So do others in this fantastical affair

The trick of the night

Is telling the real creatures from the faces of paint

< — >

And should the option be given

Of trick or treat

Beware others interpretations

For another’s treat could be your worst idea of a trick

Nightmares in a Heart of Glass

To watch a nightmare through a heart of glass

An ash covered field where dreams do start

A curse of a demon whose tears have burnt

For the sake of a angel that transcends this world

A quest that hath faltered upon deserts of icy shards

As in dying breath I am forced to see a vision of events passed

A nightmare glanced through a heart of glass