Creative Writing Course 2013: Guilt Pt2

Fair warning, this is a rough cut and yet to be oracle approved

Part 1

With John having just wrecked the plan and playing the bloody hero however, a pain in the fucking arse, Eve was thinking out loud “I suppose I don’t have to shoot him in self-defence now, makes life easier” always looking for the bright side, “You were going to, w.. w.. why would you even consider something so… that’s just…” John nearly recovering his senses, Eve quick to silence his incessant whining “The money, that deadweight is worth a small fortune in the divorce courts” ever the opportunist.

At first it had been great, cheating on her husband had made the ‘ok’ sex John was just about capable of barely achieving really edgy and exciting, to be honest though it was just unsatisfying now, almost as annoying as when John got pathetically needy and Eve had to fake it every time “You just don’t care; I beat up a man for you, to save you” John’s annoyingly continuing hysterics grating on her nerves “why did you let me..”. “Shut up already” her tone easily more manly than his “have a drink to calm yourself will you, it’ll make you sound less of a women when you phone the police” John finally fell to silence, Eve looked relieved.

This guy really had no idea, and though Eve just wanted him to make a phone call she had to spell to it out for him “I get him to hit me” pausing as if talking to a child “shoot him in self-defence” revelling in John’s emerging frustration “divorce lawyers not needed and I get a few months off” the exhaustion heavy in her tone “bright side, you just saved his life and I get everything anyway”. John was livid, though given the talk of shooting cooled his tone “So it’s a con, just an act… and me, was I just a tool?”, Eve grinned “You were the reason I got this” pointing to the less painful, more annoying injuries on her face, deciding to keep his performance reviews in the bedroom to herself.

After an eternity of awkwardness, John just too astonished by her ruthlessness, Eve broke the silence “You cash in with me, make a little call, and get thirty percent of this chump’s wealth” her head nodding towards the mess on the floor, cold eyes fixed on John further disrespecting her ex-husband, attentively reading his reactions like a cat ready to pounce “or tell the police everything I just told you”. John looked at the viper resting on the bar stool, one finely manicured hand gripping something in her purse, the other outstretched with a phone, then John’s drifted to his guilt stained hands, blood turning cold against his skin.

True it would tougher to explain how John had defended her and then tried to finish the job her husband started Eve thought to herself, but after eight months of hard graft this saint wasn’t going to ruin it, as the gun sat comfortable in her grip, deep in her purse, not so deep that John could close the distance between them in time however, or Eve had a new partner.

For John it was a simple choice, as for the first time he proved he felt like he had a pair, cast iron to boot.


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