Poem 2011/12: It’s Christmas time, again!

It’s that time again

Yes it is

Full of present shopping and having to grin

You know it well, that festive cheer

It’s the freakishly cold weather

That makes you ill

And as we enter the early stages

Thrown at us in increasing number

Special offers and seasonal sales

As the traffic around us feels the same

Why the hell does she want that ring?

Why the hell does he want that thing?

That is harder to find than a turkey on Christmas Eve

But as the end game nears and people cheer

The storm of chocolates, mince pies and festive treats

Makes us reach for clothes with elastic waists

We greet our families in Christmas cheer

And after the throng of parties and meals

We have the opportunity to open those special gifts

From close friends and families

And know that no matter the stress we express

It was all worth it just to see that special person smile

And should your wardrobe shrink

Your waist line expand

A wave of New Year diets

With guilt driven gym visits

Will soon put it right


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