New Year Post, on the outskirts of normal and over the cliff!

Historical archives

Entry 2078: ‘Black Hounds’ mercenary group recruitment speech

Date: 2073 30th December/2074 1st January

Location: Mining Colony 029 Sector 2

Ladies, gentlemen, thieves’ spies and assassins

Mercs, wretches and all that humankind has cast out

The galaxy stands on a knife edge of its own devising my friends, the better of our kind have become a generation of farmers; peace lovers and the ultimate despise… politicians

They hath conquered the stars like a child grabs for toys, not a moment to think how they will keep them when the playground bullies seek to steal, intimidate and threatened an empire that in the grand scheme means nothing, everything and the ultimate prize of greed

Now those perfect creatures that inhabit these empires find the bullies have cast an eye on the belongings of the privileged few, the bullies that have no such concept of honour, mercy or decency

And now that the stars they conquered with such hapless regard are in the cross hairs who do they call to defend them, do they seek their guardians of justice from the ranks of societies best, look within the glimmering waters of decency that flow through the very core of honest men to stand in defence of all that is seen to be good, no

The perfect creatures that inhabit Eden look to the dark hounds of ill regret, so easily scorned by the light filled glory of empirical perfection, the black hounds of hell

I see the Spacers, lost to the bleak expanse of space, unwelcome on the humble rocks that orbit stars for fear their imperfection may stain the image of false respectability, despite the fact it is the Spacers that first explored the expanse into which humanity has poured itself

Harbingers, warriors of bloodlust and anger that sought not to be so, but were forced to be beasts by alien masters, cursed with a temper to challenge the devil to his throne and banned from civilised space

We stand here on the edge of a new year, a black hole of forgiveness to swallow our former sins as we, the black hounds, hells own, are called to defend, fight and take the bullies to places of fear that even the most damned would dare not tread

Now I’m no fool, I am aware of the callous disregard they will give the chapter of history in which us, the unwanted, damned and discarded are heroes of the hour, but I ask you not to join me in the name of peace, happiness or decency

I say we head their call, be the god damn heroes they want and forever more ram it down their throats that they owe us everything and all, and even if god isn’t on our side the devil sure as hell will be laughing with us when we save the day

So this new year, don’t make resolutions or turn a new leaf, join me and the black hounds, save the day and be a fucking hero of the revolution

And if you’re not sold by my little speech, we own part own 320 licensed bars in which you get half price, so when you’re not a fucking hero you can be a drunk during 24/7 happy hour!

Hoo happy hooray


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