Verse of the Damned

Who the fuck cares, why do we care and what the hell does it have to do with me playing sane??!!

I ask in the late hours of a nightless haze in darkened hours, bat shit on the scale, my head looking for a sweet bullet cure

My worth as a person condensed to a pile of shitty paper that begs people to demand I expose more of my damaged soul

To be honest, to be true, righteous and pure… a death sentence in a world so cruel

If I would have followed the true nature of my soul’s mercenary core then to me riches and happiness of corrupted source

But some bitch of a crap shot in my goody good good fucking humanity has robbed me of it all

I have within me the potential of a kind that even the devil would sell his soul to get hold of

The only thing that protects this world is a chain of pure depression and her

Her is the lost love, the ideal of a life kept on the on the shelf in a place I am forbade

Her is the new love that life persists to hold back and would use as a shattering hammer to my soul

At this point words fail to express my withheld tears, to cry a crime, my tears will never fall

I am the knowing dead, I am the cursed, old rage consumes me and wraith and vengeance makes me whole

What is a daggers blow in a sea of pain, life fading in a darkened room, blood from the mortal wound

Hell is the life of an honest fool


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