Poison Pure

Shadows and light cast upon the other their own reflective principles

As the shadows conceal so the light seeks to reveal but the cost is what neither concerns

I could stare in the mirror till the frame falls into the shine of the accusing surface

What the black holes of my overcast eyes tell me may never have an effect to settle

But the cold lies that scream from those dead eyes is something that I will conceal

Quizzical minds can probe with questions at the core of a mind twisted into grey matter

Less quizzical minds know better as into that grey matter no logic may have a chance to recover

Give me an hour and to the world I conjure an image that will burn the eyes of the innocent

But that would only be to protect those eyes from the true horror of a corrupted vision

My hatred flows through pleasant valleys and into streams where beauty was once carried

But the landscape on promises of the happy has withered deep and uprooted sanity

The black rivers of poison pure and darker powers the only cure for hopes so shattered

Warped ideals and corrupted visions are the norm in this world so damaged

As fading as the shine of the mirror when the frame melts into a portal to pure horror

The cold lies that perpetuate in black holes devoid of pleasure have no such mercy

As into my eyes I will consume the quizzical nature of all that would probe a razors deep cut fissure

As in my eyes the less quizzical will see death a sunder on the winds of my spreading shadows

So don’t approach or make attempts at talk so little if what sits behind your words is pity

I am a fractured creature and to the damned and devil’s kin my rage is a familiar thing

Only welcoming the words of weight that reek of broken hope and ruthless sighs

As concealed within the cold lies and black holes of dead eyes


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