A Dream of a Nightmares Dream

A frog sings in the pond, the crows call from the trees and my mind screams with lost hope

Ghost of a Shadow

I look upon the ashes of my life as a phoenix of death consumes what hope has left

The desert stretches outward as into the endless void the sands are spread

Underground rivers harbour my darkened breathe upon which word is carried of my death

Demons dance in teardrops with the merriness of a reapers touch

A landscape blackened by the tendrils of the arid storm with unseen depth

Yet it is tame when the phantoms blades are readied for the battle yet

I do not fear

I do not feel

I do not love

I am immune to the soothing call of heavens dove

Dreams echo nightmares

Nightmares reflect the expanding gulf

The purpose of these words are as hidden as my insanities ultimate bluff

The players upon its table all locked into the cycles descending luck

Now the day is calling me

So awake


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