Vengeance Price (Pre-Blog)

Into a room the warrior walked, more vengeance than man

Upon him lesser minions flung attacks which so feeble caused no concern

As he drew a deathly sword, noble steel blighted by reddened stain

Hollow cries let out ‘mercy mercy’, but only the reaper heard the pleas

Crimson shades stained his cloak, the marks hidden by an attire of black

Men of honour looked with horror at the deeds they saw done

But in the name of a father slain the warrior leaves his mark in sin

‘Leave and be spared, or stay and face my blade’ he states with chilling calm

Lessons learnt in deathly ruin turn lively tavern to silent tomb

One man remains in defiance and alone, the original target of the kill

‘My men were weak and you are as foolish as he’ he mocks with pride

Words against his father merely enforce the warriors fevered mind

As with poison for blood and a stone for a heart he makes a fatal stand

Two swords meet in conflict as the clash of steel makes times march take stride

The survivor stands a wounded man, yet free of pain as his life ebbs out

For he has taken the life of a murderer at the cost of his own

Yet the cost of murder has set two upon a path to the grave

The life of the villain, fallen to a sin he cast against the warriors name

The life of a warrior, lost to the sin of revenge against the villain slain


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