The Evoloution of the Word

A reason to write, a time to share and a mind to explore

Ghost of a Shadow

Words, poems and writing are as permanent as the sands of time, always there and ever present but constantly shifting.

We may change our method of interaction from folk tales, myths and old wives tales to trading books and articles on the internet; and the delivery has become more widespread and global compared to isolated villages finding out world events from travellers and bards. But mankind will always crave the written word, whether they download it onto their kindle or follow a blog or two, as the forums within which we discuss and share written works evolve to match.

Even the language evolves to fit the generation it serves with as much shock, revolution or praise it may be met with, who can say the translation of the bible from Latin to the language of the people or the very first printing press were not as revolutionary then, and transformed the established norm as for us it is the passing from printed paper to…

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