Personal Demons, a warning

Personal Demons, words thrown around by many as each to our own twisted fate we gather such unwanted forces

Just keep in mind the word ‘personal’ and just why that applies

As the fools around us seek to understand the ghosts that so doggedly haunt us, no thought for the potential actions of an action so crazy

As in that other word ‘demons’ the clue is so blatantly given

So to their owners it lies the thankless task of concealing, to restrain the claws and screams of unholy beasts a lonely calling

The headless fools that can’t help but aimlessly wander, a lesson indeed to those that would vicariously wish to push and know what haunts another

No mercy for those that with witless whims are subject to forces that crush all stupidity with ruthless violence and crashing thunder

For demons released by unwanted pushing and exploration of the core of a vicious nature, will result in the removing of heads from those so foolish

A lesson in respecting Personal Demons and all the power contained within such hellion conundrums


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