The Story I Wish to Tell…

“When asked how I do it, face the demons that most would run from and be but a mere snip of a challenge to, I answer ‘My greatest strength is I have no weakness, my greatest weakness is I feel no weakness’

But before you wish for the curse with which I was embedded from the first rays of tainted love that filtered into my cradle, that first warmth I felt on this skin, this flesh that with every master I have served became stronger, faster, tougher, know this

After three life times in the passing of my eighty year sentence called life, even time does not affect me, as others age I find the scars inside become more refined as on the outward appearance I age not, show no sign of the years I have lived, wars suffered and lives taken in the cause of protecting the human race for nothing more than an illusion I was helping the ones I loved

The ones I was robbed of when an assassin crept into my house and started me down the path I have always been doomed to tread, no sight of hope that it will end

People beg and clamber for the secret of eternity, immortality and immunity from even your own sense of self but they will never know what it truly means to pay the cost, a price that others would not be able to stomach, a torture as they lack even the ability to take their own life when faced with the afore mentioned cost of the crystal clear memory of all that has passed and all that they will have lost

For the sake of a simple death, a loving family, one love and all the blessings that mortality gives, I would trade everything and beyond, but life as ever needs men like me, the dead in all but physical death

Even calling the only link to my humanity ‘son’ would be to him a mortal threat, as all that hate me and covert my gifts would use him as a weapon with which to strike what’s left of the man I once was

And now you know the only weakness I have I will give you what I may never have, a quick death”

The mind-set of my greatest character, one day I’ll be able to do him some justice and give him the story he deserves


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