Things to say and not to say to a Manic Depressive

Just a random reblog, take it or leave it
Anyway, the frog in my head tells me I’m meant to be dancing a jig and eating fruit so I could just be going a tad crazy right now!

Ghost of a Shadow

For starters I am aware that in this modern age of fluffy names and cute medical words to soften the blow to fragile egos the condition is called Bi-Polar, back in the day when it had its rightful name they were at least blunt about it! And ask anyone who has been on the receiving end of Bi-Polar, first or third hand experience and see which name they think better fits the ‘condition’ as it’s called.

I like to think of it as a ‘Personality Glitch’ along with OCD, anxiety, paranoia, anti-social tendencies and my favourite of these glitches, plain old bat shit crazy. I can see it in your faces… that look… How can he belittle such heavy mental health issues? Did he just use the words Bat Shit Crazy? Why am I still reading this?!

To the first two questions my answer is simple; I live/have…

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A Bottle of Memories, a Glass of Pain

On the wine shelf of emotional inebriation depression is by far the finest vintage
Refined by the painful eternities that to others are but suffering seconds
Filtered through the hardened rock of the floor you find yourself hitting with every bitter blow
And in the right amounts an inspirational poison that screams to the heavens and makes demons purr
Depression my old friend, without you I am a sober fool