Measuring Damnation

Normality is a scale by which the damned are judged
Abnormality the scale by which they are condemned

Yet in the eyes of the outsider all is seen as fair game
By those immune to the blinding social games that fools play

An ash of resentment forged in the courts of rejection
Makes strong the rejected in all but the formation of trust

And when life shatters the perception of the normal
The damned will claim the ruins and rule over what is left

Not quite sure what that means, but what the hell!

To the Lady

There’s a theme! Last reblog, I’m crawling into bed zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz no mum, I don’t want custard with my soup zzzzzzzzzzzz baa baa black sheep, lost again, really Bo peep

Ghost of a Shadow

‘To The Lady
If every man must have his poison
You are by far deadliest, and the sweetest
That a man may never have’

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14th Feb, Penguin Day!

I was asked to find a poem about a women that wasn’t negative, best I got so far and it isn’t even a poem!
Will keep looking

Ghost of a Shadow

Penguin Day 2

There is a person in this world for whom my caring reaches the dizzy heights of ‘I give a damn’ which on the outside an innocent of the deep emotional arts of which I practice could take as a negative assertion. For the answer here I have a brief lesson to impart, when you live within the cavernous depths of negativity and dwell on the sour notes for lack of all else, two things occur:

1. When you meet someone willing to endure the grind of depression and stick with you, there will always be deep emotions towards that person

2. The words ‘I give a damn about you’ have to be viewed in perspective, they are to the damned an accolade as grand as ‘You’re a friggin star and I love you’

So now as in reflective glance you can see the importance of this woman and just how strongly I feel for her rapturous effect…

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Art, a Comment

“Art in the eye of the artist makes more sense than life’s rich variety of all that has inspired it
And within the vision of the creator such works are simple beyond the art of breathing
Even if for everyone else it makes no friggin sense!”

Love, in Shades of Pain

Love, a blessing
Love, a gift
The arms of another
The words they speak
When all is against us
When all is lost
Love, our soulmate
Love, our respite

Love, why is it missing
Love, why am I denied
Love, a curse
Love, my biggest source of venom
Love, my greatest enemy to beat