A Brother’s Eyes

Once read, delete from your mind

For the words typed here are of a forgotten time

No mortal allowed to hold the feelings thought

Unless they too were drowning in that river deep

Of a time when all was darkness and shadow

And we found an absence of light

I look into his eyes, as a mirror of my life

My flesh and blood, we are the same


The faults that run deep

The two of us, on each other we are stuck

As the only ones who know the trails

That separately we have endured


In canyons of pain

Suffering the same, yet no words are spoke

Our own games we play

Our own battles we fight


And as I face what I could be

And in my face, he sees the same

The same mortal build, from which we come

Put together differently


To take the best of what we are

And give it form

Would make perfection weep

But we are both made up of the same

Positive blade and negative edge


I feel a question and wonder to myself

If my brothers eyes are as a mirror dark

Then who’s reflection most voids the light

And whose demons burn as bright


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