Jet Bird Mk4


Next to me is one of my creations, a ‘Jet Bird Mk4’ combat transport
It’s got a charm to it but isn’t all rounded and neat, isn’t even symmetrical at the back! But it reminds me of… Me, decent looking and functional but against it’s contemporaries out of date and a mystery as why it hasn’t been reduced to scrap and sold.


Even the name reeks of alternative usage and a less cleansed history, the ‘Mercs Remorse’ as opposed to ‘The Eagle’ or something equally majestic to the point of making you brake down into beauty induced tears, sounds like a questionable smugglers ship in a bad sci-fi.



Within the universe it exists the Jet Bird is a rough and ready design precariously piloted by mavericks and roguish swashbuckling anti heroes, known better for its use by an infamous merc group than the original purpose of ferrying supplies in rough areas, like me it’s better potential and talents are pricked from a darker fabric and were forged in fated fires of ill spent ventures and unconventional logic.

The term “It ain’t pretty and it don’t work…” but defying life it throws a big fuck you at all that fluffy crap and fly’s in as grumpily and stormy like as a bottle of vodka at an AA meeting, then saves the friggin day and grumps out with cash tightly gripped in hand for the trouble.

As the pilot would say”It’s a bitch in a bad mood if you mess with the settings, despite the bloody fact there friggin wrong, and acts like bear with a rail road spike of a headache, but the friggin beast flies like a fine wire razor through the worst crap and never let’s you down on the surprise front” which is the romantic way of saying it’s fussy at times but flies true and doesn’t let you down in a crap storm scenario, like me!


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