Pre-WordPress: A Heroes Story

Upon waves of falling dead, felled by sword and bow

Immortality awaits the victor, should their life remain

And if we fall, may we meet our enemies upon fields of paradise

Or at the gates of hell, where we receive our glory, broken and spent


 For in times of turmoil and flame, when all about us fails

We look for the heroes of destiny to save our fates

Whether they are born of good or evil, it matters not

Only that the mind is sharp and the body strong


 Or from great voids have they risen, to face the fight

Ghosts of former comrades looking to set their soul a flight

Through acts of courage and sacrifice to buy back lives, lost to sin

Or is it vengeance that drives them further into hells embrace


 But whatever the motive or cause, they raise a triumphant toast

To the king of the hour, however long his reign endures

But whomever they serve, the hero stands alone

A light screaming in the dark, vying to out-shine the horde


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