Pre-WordPress: Forgotten Hero

Here lies a great man, whose name eludes

Who in his life fought wars that from memory escapes

Those wars so important to our freedom and rights

But have been quickly forgotten and cast out of histories sight

< – – > 

The battles he charged into, with every ounce of life

To secure a brighter future for those that he had left behind

Have been covered up by the march of ignorance and time

Over information hiding his deeds from another generations eyes

 < – – > 

Into a grave, so plain and overlooked, he was coldly placed

Mourners from another era shed what tears they have left

To mark the end of a great life about which so little was known

The heroes grave now just a weathered stone in the ground, overgrown

 < – – > 

Should you see the stone marked hero, remember what he lost

To create the world that exists all around

The weathered stone in the ground

A forgotten warrior still so proud


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