Day 1: Meeting the penguins

Day 1, that about explains it!

The art of Dealing with Ninja Penguins

It’s day one of my latest expedition to the artic circle, this latest trip is to find a lost tribe of Ninja Penguins that have rejected social media, smart phones and Whats App

During this expedition I plan to see the affects of such decisions on their communication habits and dancing styles, I also plan to introduce jazz, swing, electro-swing and funk as a social experiment, examine the cultural changes that happen as a result or equally important, how to run for your life if they reject our influence on the careful cultural balance they have strived to establish.

I must admit it has not gone well so far, Dave, our camera guy, has gone missing after last nights ‘all you can eat’ sushi event and a Ninja penguin we have taken to calling Penny seems to have taken his place. We were going to call off the expedition, start…

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