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The art of Dealing with Ninja Penguins

Many have asked why an intelligent person such as myself would spend his time looking into ‘Ninja Penguins’ and ‘Urban Polar Bears’, I mean most people don’t even see them or even know they exist, why not take a job with NASA or work in Quantum Physics.

Well I have to say that having spent time exploring the artic circle, in-between my busy hours and attempts to take over the world, I have found that these amazing creatures are drawn to tuna sandwiches, and with the decrease in polar research staff eating tuna based products and the increase in tuna consumption within the UK these animals have taken to posing as pilots, cabin crew and various decorative objects in order to smuggle themselves into the country.

They have begun a nationwide chain of investments and new businesses in order to fund various operations which feed the supply and demand for tinned fish…

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