Don’t Ask

Manic, a word

Me, manic…. A ride of crazy highlighted by the immortal words of illuminating glory beyond the tick of a clock that a frog would cherish, the words “He said something to me, I’ll never forget, he said ‘you’re a frog’… it hit me hard”, on that note folks I’ll merrily inform you of the location of these words.

Sorry folks, distracted by a dancing mouse, unless the 12hrs sleep after a late night and the evidently affecting 12hrs hunger have incapacitated my fine wire senses (wait for it) HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, dancing mice and fine wire senses, I’m flip fried and fucking certified.

I must confess to lack a variety of methods that would normally regulate the flow of positive neurons to the regulatory systematics of the energy market factors that from whence the sanity doth not flowed for many a moon and continuity based balance whence the brain of the dog that gave us our freedom, liberty and by the gods above the right to eat cookies on a god damn plane without the persistent begging of cats for the milk that so perfectly accompanies the acidic remark of reality turned into star dust at the sight of a moon on fire, chasms of ice running the flames of sarconic logicality that rides whims from the beards of bards to places morbidly enlightened within shadows of dust… Now breathe

Anyway, the location of my outburst of those prior mentioned words, much relating to my hard hitting words of the nature of a frog like existence was my kitchen, precariously thin walls no less than proficient in no doubt transferring my words to the above neighbours (two years may have rendered them immune, thankfully so).

How this holds any reference to anything that you consider relevant, no friggin idea!

Why I’m posting this, don’t ask!!

PS: Anyone who knows the meaning of ‘Sarconic’, feel free to let me know


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