The Other Side of ‘Dont ask’

Alas the curtain falls on manic as abruptly as a cloud stifles the sun shine rays of summer, showers of acidic self-hatred fall upon those basking in the happiness of a pleasant eve, each drop a shattering bolt of pain to all but the disaffected and the damned

A trigger primed by the manic phase of merry fucking happy friggin do, shoots with furious flames at the body of the knowing dead, holes in flesh the grimly promised prize of a state of morbid mood

To reach for balance in a sea of storms brings only the bone braking currents of remorseless waves, each rolling thunder of watery hell a layer to drown the body once possessed, an ocean of memories to bring only nightmares not even fit for the insane

All jest and laughter filled crests of a moment spent in the reassuring arms of one’s fated hope, now falls the heights of a deficit of life lived that leaves only the all encompassing shadow, into death’s bony grip as the foolish living plead and make desperate plays, as soulless creatures like me are allowed to leave

No sport in torture when the prey has already laid down it’s hapless faith and given in to the fate, that with their morbid mood and cold dead eyes feel nothing but the touch of icy hands, desensitised to anything resembling love/pain

The depressing fact, a truth not to be cheered or in the name of an illusion of defence be welcomed by anyone but the damned, that only by the numbing malaise of happiness spent, caring nothing more than a hollow cry, I have been made safe

Safe from feeling, safe from pain as into the numbing pit of relentlessly dark self-reflection I am made immune to all life’s tirade, cursedly immune to all the joys of a summer day

So when the clouds stifle the sun, convert once happy skies to bleakly reassuring moon lit night, I will ignore the caustic down pour and give my place in the shelter to someone who can still be saved

Follows on from ‘Don’t Ask’


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