Shades and shadows

Us shades will never whither

For there are always shadows in which to hide

Until human nature is void of fears and fractures

And what remains is ultimately better

Ace in the night


4 thoughts on “Shades and shadows

    • Supreme return of words, my respect from a fellow creature whose fears and fractures lay in what he fears could be released from prisons within, as opposed to the masking illusion the world doth see
      Indeed a case of a human wishing he was better, even if he is defined in aspects darker

      • I believe that that is precisely what each mortal fears, the fear of what lies within escaping, the fear of that what we have locked deep inside our souls since long breaking away and changing our worlds. And yet I think the fears and fractures are the only thing that keep one going, no matter if the fear is of the prisoners breaking out or simply a veil trying to conceal what others don’t want to see . Fear is, indeed something that haunts every nook, every cranny.
        And that is from someone, who believes that dark can be better at the same time, that dark doesn’t rule out the existence of being better.

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