When Life says NO with a big …. you, with fries!

So the avoidance tactics have begun in earnest hell, paperwork staring at you with evil intent and the shrivelled remains of your motivational senses over cast by a big fat “Why don’t you do this today instead?” with a Cheshire Cat grin on its glaringly happy mug baring down on your attempts at dealing with ‘the paperwork’ that’s been looking you wild eyed in the face for weeks, months, and more?

A deal is struck, terms carefully manipulated so that the demon may for hence be slain, at least for a day or two (if you’re that lucky), the deal simple to the point that a dead snail could understand it written it Latin and upside down. One or two posts on wretched WordPress (the focus of my current rage/wrath and vengeance, so please don’t take offence WordPress gods) and then to the task of boredom inducing suicidal nature multiplied by the depths of my natural resistance, otherwise known as paper work.

But life hath spent a wicked trick to derail the most fragile of positive moods in which I may just envision possible getting some stuff done, a horrendous curse to break the broken hope that lies in a permanent coma. My faithful laptop, word and wordpress fuck up royally and won’t let me cut, copy or paste anything… today…. this morning…….. this f’ing morning…….

Now the all consuming rage of wanting to ram the malfunction down Microsoft’s cruelly laughing throat is almost as powerful as my drive to extend thine hands and tightly grip life by the belly laughing throat, throttling the bare breath out of it until god himself pulls me away… or the devil, if not both to overcome my furious strength.

End result;

Productivity 0
Getting ANYTHING done 0
Good mood 0
Sense of accomplishment 0
Relieving anxiety and stress 0
Increasing my hatred of life 100000000000000000000000000000×10
My motivation suffering a slow horrid demise 10000000000000000000000000×10
Posts so far on WordPress 1!

I’m not lazy, I’m resistant by the nature of my fractured psychology and inherent instability, and screwed to eak out meagre attempts at getting my life sorted out

life, your an arse for making it even more bloody tough

Said he with a manic smile on his face!!

Bat Shit X1 Crazy


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