The horde
The angry crowd
They stand at the gates with weapon in hand

The few are what remains
Remnants of ideals that find new champions upon which to stand

For the sake of a dream we will stain noble blades
Blood runs thick on fields of flowers that will forever be burned with violent screams

We the few
We the brave
We the fools

We have an edge to cut with and for a cause to die
So blacken your armour, scythe in hand
Lay heavy into the horde and make them rue the day

This is our hell and we demons will make angels weep and pray
For there is no more fury in heaven than in each swing of our blades

I will know the enemy bleeds, even if my life is the price I pay

A chapter hidden in the sly of a forgotten page

May we know each others demons and be bound to hold the knowledge we have stole

A memory to be cast away with the passing of pen over page, to this place we will not return

An echo of a shadow in the corner of a room brightly lit, a ghost in the beholders eye

The keeper of the keys, locked away in the prison of knowledge that he will never share

For I never asked to know what sins I hide, just the wish to forget and not breathe in honors sake another lie

A flicker of a thought on the side of dark

I’ve seen the dark side of crazy and the bright side of hope
A shot at what men call humanity and a vodka bottle for those that know not the touch of supportive hands
But it’s the edge of a smile on the face of a man possessed
That brings the sparkle of that moment in which I lived the most
A mind darkened in the grip of depression deep as the razor dances over flesh
For what is a life in the shadows where when one cuts, bleeds and screams
And despite such knowing acts, you never see the blood

Shitting unicorns and bleeding rainbows tonight!

I dance with blades caressing my wrists by morning light and with passion imbibe the poison of a bottle by night to give my nightmares a subtle vibe of something dark
A ghost to keep me company as the will to live is suspiciously bereft
Bullets to the brain a curious entertainment, in black tie and making a musical number in my head, songs of black coats and caskets to raise my six foot mood
The line upon the depressive ditch is hilariously mirrored so narrowly by the laugh of the manic in far flung halls of the mad possessed
But alas the bullets pass without note, a cliffs blissful reef the bouncy castle that puts me back to the top of the taunting ledge
So with mournful logic I cast longing eyes on the peace of death, a grave is such a thankless bed but one that concludes unhappy lives

But for me it is living, that most fucks with my head
A birdy on the outset to call when the bottle will be bled
A razor the mirror in which I see my look of discontent

If only I was normal, then I could feel the all consuming bleak, then have done it decent and taken a fatal course of self imposed death
But the demons hath taken that release, left me to the whims of a world I lack the will to want to wish
Such pretty little pills I could mix with my drink, if the repulsion of a sober face didn’t make me want to wetch

To have to wake again is just an edge beyond too much
The smiles of happy people make me drive the dagger deep into the bloodless flesh of my own chest, if only I could bleed, had life not denied me the pain of the body and turned it internally to fuel my own self loathing hell
Festering social rulings to condemn the cursed an existence of walking dust, humanities rejects that nobody thought to dump

But I will wake to cursed morning light and feel like shit a fresh
Ever decreasing cycles until I become my own ghost
If in faded light I do not already tread

A Great Happy Post… Haaaaaaa

The day you realise you’re a Chinese puzzle box from hell, within which lies freakish potential
But the total sum of people who can open that box, you don’t even make it beyond one hand
And all that potential folds in on itself, forming a black hole of negativity that consumes you
You get to fearing the day someone manages to open the box, and releases what darkness lies within

Just a highly positive thought!
Try not to jump off any cliffs after reading