Untitled 2 02/07/15

I hath tasted twisted fruits from the maligned bark of corruption born trees, such fruit a glow with tastes to delight the appetite of the soul to bring to paradise the most fatally jaded of our darkened brethren, that shelter under the hidiously creeping branch’s of corruption’s growth

I choose not to turn my tainted eyes to gaze on what I know lies within the blood red sap, the bitter juices of the fruit that corrodes my senses into blissful thought, a chasm far from the depressive taunts of a life so cruel

Until the price of a loved one that has foolishly attempted rescue with the boldest of valiant steps, into the chasms unending blackness I am forced to watch them swallowed in the name of my cause, once hopeful whispers fading into endless despair as I stand upon the traitors fall

My own twisted nature, maligned skin that turns to creeping bark as a bargain is signed in sinful nature to save the sacrifice, one last redemption as for a lifetime I thankfully see loved ones restored, age and to the ground be peacefully returned

My roots to feed off their fading flesh as from bone the ground degradingly tears it to feed the corrupted seed I hath become, lifeless arms become creeping branch’s to offer twisted fruit, an endless forest of wasted lives that for the price of a bite hath joined our cursed ranks

Untitled 1 02/07/15


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