One Word

In the process of working on the slightly egotistical activity of accepting a blogger award I was faced with a classic question, describe yourself in one word? As ever I approached it from the cheaters perspective, cheekily asking others to answer the question for me.

As a side note I mean no offence by referring to award accepting as egotistical, for if the first ape like man who used a sharp flint to cut branches didn’t have an ego enough to show it off we wouldn’t have developed the tools that led to man’s assentation. Equally so, if he was too egotistical his fellow ape men would have used their new tools to demonstrate their collective ‘congratulatory’ infliction of pain!

Ego also serves to give us a motivational pat on the back, a key component in the struggle against depression and low self-esteem that plagues some with haunting resonance. Anyway, back onto the thrillingly interpretive question; one word to describe yourself?

Perched comfortably on a bar stool at m local pub (25 mins drive from home!) I had a fleeting idea to ask the established characters that have serviced me with a wonderful array of food and drink over the past three or four years that aforementioned query, the answer something I was curious about, given these folk are the ones I have been merrily visiting for a fair time with frank honesty as to who I really am without the social disguises.

The landlady, a heartily positive lady, rewarded me with ‘Manic’ and ‘Suicidal’… to some a less complimentary blend but to me a grand applaud of the fact I have been writing depressively drenched poetry and bleakly written short stories since walking through those traditional styled wooden doors.

The barmaid, an equally positive and even bubblier family woman, gave me ‘Quiet’ as an accolade of definitive observation, hours of silent dedication to the cause of my writing, deep reflections and just plainly depressed moods!, embodied in the single word ‘Quiet’

The landlord proudly bellowed the word ‘Awkward’ in grandly humoured tones, testimony to the randomness of my requests over the years that have positively defined me as a wildcard of sorts, sometimes a depressive turn of words and an order of turkey and mushroom pie to sooth my mind, other times a contemplative request for bread and butter to make sense of the confusion clouding my world, that the pub so perfectly clears.

The final outcry from the landlord was ‘Generous’…. I was most pleased with this one, for so much time I play the robot, merc and cold hearted functional machine, to be recognised as a good person did much to improve my mood.

I can’t guarantee the results to be positively illuminating or bluntly informative, but I can recommend that on occasion you ask the simple question ‘One word to describe me?’


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