Demons Verse

You give demons their strength, not me

You are my demon sir

Then cast me out for I am more a mortal sin

Only God can can wield that power

Then your God sits second to mine

You, I would feel you more at home with the devil

His the one that reports to me

Such nerve to assume such position

I am a solider, mercenary and become the reaper, do not think I am so naive of gods and their whims

Delusional of a madman, by the cold blade of a sword made god

If gods and devils command the powers of life and death, then on the battle field we are something more than men

Then fight and kill for faithless cause

So you may take bended knee and prayer, I am the price you must accept

Then I must kill myself and remove one more lie that gives you worth

I wish you would, my eyes grow weary and my temper thin


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