The Wrong Angles

You’re staring a deal down the barrel and negotiating terms with a problematic life, the approach may be different but the outcome comes as the same result, or so you hope. It’s at this temperamental junction you have a choice. The angles laid out clearer that a protractor on crack, the right way on the inside track as the rogue elements play it fast and loose on the outside of the numerical best, how you rig it? that’s a deal breaker for the outcome you wish to reach.

The right folk look all pretty and give it nice words to flower the over polluted hint, they play the social niceties to get on better terms before clouded answers leave uncertainty, but for the masses this is what people want. Useless as a grave digger at a crematorium or a priest wielding a wodge of cash in a strip joint, but it’s how it’s said we should act so like sheep we follow the course.

The mercenary plays it bullet straight and like a gunshot on target cuts through the useless flesh, “can I do it and what’s my cut”, no style to fluff around frilly edges so most find it too direct, gamblers on a chance lay down the cash and hope the risk pays back . Big pay offs gambled on the aspect ratio of a person’s willing to play ball and resist the ‘human’ urge to take offence, humanities pointless obsession with faff as useless as the grave digger or the priest.

My words sing jaded on the side of the merc, gambler and thief, no wish to praise the social sheep who fill out herds and play it nicely nice, but it is these masses that keep afloat our world as we know it and give us a point from which to measure any decision of note. The cold hearted mercs who worship rewards and cash, an emotionally discounted species when unfavourably compared to the ‘better’ folk, but without that streak of selfish intention we would all be a lot worse off.

The depressive in the corner, jaded and the rest, not to forget the damned legions of ghostly figures to which the smug look to get a lift, all as ruthless as the merc in their intent and more than practical in every but a few random characteristics of a personality glitched. This is where we sense the most potential and severe dedication, a man with nothing but hate has little regard for the smiley hope of anything and whose hollow form is ready to fill and complete, as long as walks along cliffs are kept to themselves.

So am I looking at opportunities from the wrong angles, an approach to match

Or is it just my angle of perception that is off?


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