Hold over, ignore as you wish, or not…

This is a hold over for another project
References include war with a Russian league on an online game, online identities and a whole bunch of crazy
Ignore at your leisure!

Ladies, gents and unclear avatars and names

We stand between vodka and cold fish for breakfast, cold weather and using the term comrade, and on our side, our way of running each unique kingdom

Sharpen your wits for the Banter, stock up on quick snacks and hide your devises around the workplace for quick access

For when the order comes we will send our armies into war and hold that damn beacon, then mourn our losses knowing their names will go on the imaginary memorial plaques in your castles

So here’s to nomad 49, Archer 102 and golem 35, and all those others we will send, to defend our way of pointing and clicking in the wee small hours

War is hell, but failure tastes like off milk, and I want fresh milk in our tea in the morning, who’s with me….


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