Eyes to kill an angels sight, all but mine

They say a look can kill, a mind as sharp as diamond that takes deadly to a place of sin
Well in the stare of this demon all the threat of a grade A hurricane is put to shame, no will left to survive
But I am the rule of the exception of the one that does, a force so calm to belie the true danger that sits beneath the dead calm
So that hard up deal of fallen bodies that paves her way, the walk she takes to find my proposed grave
A trap I lay to lure in the tricks of a madame whose looks give most an chill of evil to cause the weak to die
For in my globes of sight sits demons deeper, darker fates for foolish who would cross the line of fire that my pain defines
She is an equal, a goddess, a thing to aspire, that this fallen creature has to possess for the sake of knowing what hell itself desires


6 thoughts on “Eyes to kill an angels sight, all but mine

  1. I’ve often been told that I get this expression where “it looks like you are trying to make me burst into flames.”
    So I owned it and have tried to perfect it. Alas, I have yet to acquire telekinetic abilities thus no piles of ashes have been left in my wake.

  2. In everything you write there is always something very unique and captivating…everything you write is really different from anything I have read before.Including the way you write it. FASCINATING!

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