Shitting unicorns and bleeding rainbows tonight!

I dance with blades caressing my wrists by morning light and with passion imbibe the poison of a bottle by night to give my nightmares a subtle vibe of something dark
A ghost to keep me company as the will to live is suspiciously bereft
Bullets to the brain a curious entertainment, in black tie and making a musical number in my head, songs of black coats and caskets to raise my six foot mood
The line upon the depressive ditch is hilariously mirrored so narrowly by the laugh of the manic in far flung halls of the mad possessed
But alas the bullets pass without note, a cliffs blissful reef the bouncy castle that puts me back to the top of the taunting ledge
So with mournful logic I cast longing eyes on the peace of death, a grave is such a thankless bed but one that concludes unhappy lives

But for me it is living, that most fucks with my head
A birdy on the outset to call when the bottle will be bled
A razor the mirror in which I see my look of discontent

If only I was normal, then I could feel the all consuming bleak, then have done it decent and taken a fatal course of self imposed death
But the demons hath taken that release, left me to the whims of a world I lack the will to want to wish
Such pretty little pills I could mix with my drink, if the repulsion of a sober face didn’t make me want to wetch

To have to wake again is just an edge beyond too much
The smiles of happy people make me drive the dagger deep into the bloodless flesh of my own chest, if only I could bleed, had life not denied me the pain of the body and turned it internally to fuel my own self loathing hell
Festering social rulings to condemn the cursed an existence of walking dust, humanities rejects that nobody thought to dump

But I will wake to cursed morning light and feel like shit a fresh
Ever decreasing cycles until I become my own ghost
If in faded light I do not already tread


4 thoughts on “Shitting unicorns and bleeding rainbows tonight!

  1. Put down the sharp things, Luv, no good comes of playing with those while alone and in a mood.

    I’m totally stealing the bleeding rainbows line. And well, “shittles’ courtesy of unicorns has become a common theme in my blog.
    Sleep well and if your dreams haunt you…wish ’em hell.

    • Poets having dark days, damn dangerous but creative gold dust
      Not sure if I should post a sucicide note or an apology after that ray of sunshine, unless I say sorry in the sucicide note…
      Hell, I could write a ‘Final letter’ every day of the fucking year and I’ve got my birthday to survive in a matter of days!
      Dark humour has such a rich vien to bleed from tonight!!

      • Well, it’d just be silly if dark souls like us had bright humor. Darkness begets darkness.
        No suicide notes, no matter how entertaining. I want to keep you around for my amusement.
        Feeling wanted yet? 😉

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