A thought of humour on a darkly humorous note

For persons who stand on the edge of cliffs one fateful day, before bouncing off the walls the next
Depressive short falls to manic over reactive highs
Why can’t they make walls out of cliffs?
That way you can bounce your way down the cliff!


4 thoughts on “A thought of humour on a darkly humorous note

  1. Wake up, hungover. Stumble to the toilet, what’s that?? The sound of a text from the room I left my phone in. Hurry up, and check…there is no text <>.

    No anything. So, go to the coffee maker. As it starts making its noise..incoming text sound! Run and check. Nothing there <>.


    Perhaps the spirits are sending me a message. That I need to contact others <>

    Careful, careful.

    I’m feeling pretty happy…I want to build a ladder of 10,000 rungs and climb above all, to see me and everything and laugh at my own follies and just give a hug to everyone I can see, tell them that I don’t ignore them because I hate them, but that I love them…and so, so many things for me to study….so I contact others to spread the joy….<> <>

    Walking to the store to buy yummy yummy ice cream, because that sounds so good. Then I walk through a shadow from the street lights. And remember….that time I let someone down. And how many people I have let down. And all the fuckups I have made, how much they outweigh everything. They are all consuming. And all the lights turn dark <>

    I get to the store and decide to buy beer instead of ice cream. Numb it out.

    Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I could shut the phone off, but I tried that and it rings anyway.

    Maybe I can drink myself deaf….but it probably wouldnt work :). There are some voices that will not allow themselves to be ignored.


    • The idea had been sound thirty strenuous minutes ago, the rapid ascent of a mood reflected brightly in the mirror, that face with its clown like smile so radiant with transient joy but thirty tick tock dragging minutes had taken a heavy toll as shadows cast long over the increasingly slow and hunched figure that had dredged itself to the local store.
      The resounding ping from automated doors resonated painfully in the skull, a grimace scrunching inwards as the over tuned glare of store lighting almost blinded the bag heavy darting eyes that paranoic scanned for fellow humans, threats, as the idea of public appearance turned sour with anxiety, avoiding steps and vampiric hugging of corners to reduce exposure to ‘humanity’.
      Finally the right isle… Three previous isles of condemning looks had brought out the wild stare in full animal glare… Several ‘humans’ had hastily retreated with furtive steps at matching eyes with the ‘beast’, bordering a full growl with the low rumble that passed for verbal communication when asked ‘how are you?’ or ‘Do you need help?’
      The ever versant glow of the chiller cabinet that contained ice cream, the nectar of the gods and good feelings, lay welcoming at the end of the isle, the goal of this now I’ll mooded expedition sat at the end of a most insidious final hurdle, the alcohol section.
      The hangover, crushingly painful, was now an angelic call ‘Buy me, screw sober, happy and social… Nobody wants to even see you anyway’ a nervous hand in the coat pocket fumbling the days long silent phone ‘Why bother?’ two words to carry condemnation with such weight as to justify the slumping hunch of shoulders.
      I’ve cream, taste of heaven and an excuse to be sober, social and… Dare it be said ‘Pleasant’
      Booze, a retreat to hell, escapism within glass prisons of pain drowning numbness… The easy way out, the usual way out
      The dark figure took there first step….

  2. Please by all means do not make excuses for auto correct and/or personal typography/grammatical errors.

    For the simple reason that anyone that focuses on such things, while reading, are more concerned with finding nit-picking faults rather than reading and appreciating the message as a whole. The types that do this get their enjoyment from seeking to condemn for the slightest hair out of place and the appearance of too many/not enough apostrophes in a sentence and beat their chest proudly to the thrumming beat of “self supremacy through degradation of others”. A very artificial concept of self…external validation.

    I enjoy your very 19th/early 20th century style of writing. Hence, the reason for subscribing to your posts.

    And your story above is a very accurate, well stated interpretation….or perhaps a parallel real life experience better worded…

    Keep on keeping on.

    I, your humble replier, like how you write.



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