A flicker of a thought on the side of dark

I’ve seen the dark side of crazy and the bright side of hope
A shot at what men call humanity and a vodka bottle for those that know not the touch of supportive hands
But it’s the edge of a smile on the face of a man possessed
That brings the sparkle of that moment in which I lived the most
A mind darkened in the grip of depression deep as the razor dances over flesh
For what is a life in the shadows where when one cuts, bleeds and screams
And despite such knowing acts, you never see the blood


5 thoughts on “A flicker of a thought on the side of dark

      • I am capable of death, but much like being capable of kindness and optimism, I keep it locked away in a dungeon chained to walls. Also, a metaphor for what my depression does to me.

      • When I was younger the term Death or Dead meant so much finality and fatality, the idea a person died and was no longer alive
        But as the years grow in number I realise the true wealth of meanings that Death can portrait, from the subtle decline of emotional reactivity to the callous murder of a heart that still beats with hollow and passionless rhythm, but one thing I’ve learned, the dead walk amongst us
        And resurgence of faith is a truly rare act in the lives of the damned, but my ‘dead’ heart still has a glimmer of hope!

      • Earlier, when seeing my less than interested shrink, I wanted to scream out the title to a Rob Zombie song: LIVING DEAD GIRL. Because considering who i am when manic or stable this current husk of humanity isn’t me at all and I wanted him to see that…
        He may as well have been Stevie Wonder as he started spewing about how my mood goes up and down and I will feel good and enjoy things again. BLIND, while I am living dead.
        Stellar. I have hope, it’s just buried under concrete and mortar from my shattered soul.

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