A Midnight write from a mind possessed

By night I roam and rain down the terror of dreams not fulfilled as into fields of pain I calmly stroll. Demons high on fear are drained in acts of horrific blades that mine eyes possess for sake of surviving life in days ahead. Dark shadows of things in ill lit suns of demise untold upon the pages of a minds corrupting light. Angels shed wings to be a member of the lessers that I hold in low regard as safety for when my rage transcends the gates of places better. Smiles of teeth as sharp as the wit I use to tear the will from emperors to rule in lands of golden days from an upside down throne of candied lies. My crown to take a ring of sins to cover a head of shadow born hairs as grey as the clouds of a storm intent. Sheets of water falling from heaven sent to cleanse a cloak I wear of others emotional placating acts as into the storm I ride nightmare beasts. Hoofs of icy burn to both freeze the fire ice that leaves trails of death in a souls repent that with false intention leads on the blind. No such mercy of the one that granted health where dead lie calm for I am to be that creatures finest work. All wrath and lava flow in the rivers carved by good ideas and bad lament on posters of rounded sin and silver eyes. Poor are those that sink in sinful acts as the darkened few turn oily black into shining wealth of lives I’ll lived with the skin of a thing that shuns love. My own a shadow of the fake that walks in light when sun is high and other folk wish well the shell I project. Cats eyes see through but such furry ghosts are not in a mind to care about another faded figure of jaded mind as to hell they freely transcend. To the day I now rush in slow step for the cause of illusion and jest as to the world I show what mirrors show the normal. The unseen depths of reflective surface a place where the broken see more into realms of unwanted and damned. My own home built on such shifting sands as to sleep in beds of ash and sing fake merriment to appease the sane. Burn a world in lands of corrupted dreams with which the witches of old are present on the lines my mouth will unknowing speak


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