Words from the anti-social sub current Pt 2

The venomous wrath doth fume with vengeful fire beneath the veneer of a calm cloaking manner
Should anyone want to burn upon my fury, I will laugh as the flames consume them in horrific nature, what makes me better in person a heartbeat skip in a place far away from my current temper
My dying will to care stoking the dismembered ashes of a once person, to raise the blaze a higher into heaven
My mood a symptom of an internal struggle, the battle between hated of a world and the hope of its redemption
But alas the fools do crowd by the volcanic eruptions of my anger, each to enjoy with riotious screams the fruit of a twisted nature

And should you know the feeling… May all keep safe distance
Or break out the kebab skewers and have a BBQ of thier own making


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