Social ties and the rules that bind

I have recently been in communication with real persons outside of work colleagues… A miracle or a crime I let you decide!
Alas I have now connected my WordPress and twitter account as a result of some ear bashing and persistence, but not quite sure the ramifications as yet, should they meld into a super creation and try to take over the world I shall promptly retreat to the bunker and hide

For all those discovering this blog through Twitter, good luck and don’t lose your will to live, I recommend the Attempts at Humour first

To those already following, I’m sure various family members are already worried, I shall let them call the doctors!

To myself… Stop talking to yourself in public, looks bad… But in private who cares!

I sign off and wish all luck, for the dark beckons and by normal logic, past the hour of normal folks functionality, I am now in full swing!

“Dark mirrors and nightmares reflect only the damned

But in those haunted visions we see more of our nature than in any sun lit grove”


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