Memories lost

A step, a second, a time
A tick of the tock of past memories flooding the current tock and tick I inhabit now
In colour vivid I am there, a splinter of the time positivity imbibed with her look upon my gaze
A cold room before me, the rejection fresh in the space I am forced to suffer in jest
Eyes should water, looks down on empty floors that bare the stains of my fractured heart
But the stone that quit beating has a core of obsidian doom, scars on stone are not seen by mortal types
Echoes of that step, lies of the second, a shadow of that time
I hide in the shade it offers, a shelter of illusive stars
For the beating heat of the lonely sun welts the petals of fragile love, a flower I have yet to find alive
My own life subjected to the constant heat, how long til the petals fall, the roots dried and burnt… My love done


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