Black Roses

They say the black rose is impossible for the only black roses are dead, therefore not a colour to be grown
But here I stand in monument to the impossible, my shades of death in the thing that spreads roots and taints the ground
The choice to be of vibrant tones of red and yellow, white and blue, not for this flower of darkness as I bare my thorns
For to be born broken, puts one on a collision path with all things bleak and overshadowed, denied the pleasant course


7 thoughts on “Black Roses

  1. Labeling black as the color of death is redundant. Black is the color of a soul that has seen far too much pain and suffering. Black is the color that slims, flatters, doesn’t show stains. It is the color of forgiveness, of a darkened soul, of one’s cautious view of the unknown.
    Black roses are my favorite, even if dead or spray painted or dyed. Black soothes me, while color disturbs me. Is it dysfunction or truth?
    The truth is how each perceives so is there any real truth as each individual perceives things differently?

    • Much agreed, but I always laugh a bit when remembering asking for a black rose, for my then girlfriend no less! And been told the only black roses were dead
      Black signifies many things, but outside of looking cool and slimming clothes its one hell of a depressing colour… Which is why fucked up people love it so much!

      • And yet I don’t find it depressing at all, that’s the negative social connotations of funeral/death. For me a depressing color is brown or ugh, military drab olive green. That shit makes me want to drink drain cleaner it’s so oppressive.

    • Well now, as you yourself said, isn’t it all about the perception..?.. I personally, do find the color really relatable. Black roses are undoubtedly, a thing of beauty. The fact whether someone takes the color in a so-called “negative” or a “positive” connotation might as well be associated with the state of mind of the person. I think I should consider myself in the category of fucked up people, because black makes me relate to the pains and harshness of my own life. For you it might relate to the more cooler, sexier side of the color. It’s all about perception, right? An undebatable issue.

      • Within science black is less a colour but a void, for when other surfaces reflect certain frequencies of light black absorbs all and reflects nothing, thus it defies the classification
        But in emotional scapes the representation of black has many interpretations, not least that of negativity, where my own mind finds fascination in its appeal
        Such allure of darkness in a shade has an instant attraction to my twisted mind!

      • Agreed. Totally. And I find myself on the same side as you. For me, black is an enticing outlook, more than just a color, I find it inseparable from me. It’s something more than just an “achromatic hue” as they say, but rather a color which has the most emotions attached to it than any other color that exists.
        I’m glad to know that we appreciate and share the same aspect of the color…

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