Deep end, meet me!

The slicing instinct to inspire a slight hint of self harming escapism lingers at the border of a week beyond the reach of sanity, such glorious promise sells itself on the joyless maniacal expressionism of lost mortality, where the droning continuation of mortality has the limited appeal of an ineffective survival wish when glaringly faced with the bleak winter face of unhappy life. One reads logical readiness to throw away in a most discarding fashion the gift granted yet ill conceived in evolving years….

This is going dark quickly!

I would hope to protest the manifest levels of something to redeem my Shakespearian state of lesser motivation, below the drowning tides of a mind lost ocean that floods mine exsistance with the sorrowful waves of crap to purely drive me insane.

I think I’m just a few levels of in a dark mood at the mo, going to either run it out, hopefully not into ditch! Yes I find that funny, go figure, or I’ll somehow break the mood of current depressive shades.

If I don’t post anything in a few days, enjoy the wake, I’m part Irish so may as well give all a chance to get pissed drunk, if I do post in a few days… Not going to predict how many Anti-depressants and rope store avoidance tactics are required but stock up!


4 thoughts on “Deep end, meet me!

    • Just watched a film about a a loner type who hears voices, gets real dark, real quick… I’m ill, half wired and got two more days before I get to be a happy depressive mess, get tempted to try selling myself on the dating market and find myself in a merry pit of self loathing
      The prospect of that makes me happy, the prospect of two more days, not so much but I’ll still be around to be my dark self next week!
      And remember, I’m immune to self harm and drinking…. Life’s a real bitch for that!

      • I know, your shelf of vodka is my idea of porn, sad as it is. If you’re not gonna drink it, let me! I am gonna need some soda, cos I can’t drink straight vodka. In addition to being sad, I am also a wussy.
        No shame. I own who I am. Besides, I give the booze to the pegacorn so it will fly my ass out of here. Unfortunately he keeps getting too wasted to fly or stab. Damned drunken mythical creatures are as unreliable as me!

      • ‘The Voices’ Ryan Reynolds
        You will laugh, scream and enjoy
        But alas I fear you will not see the harm!… But who cares when we live in emotional voids and permanent storms

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