A penny from heaven worth ten cents in hell as the ferryman buys a bag of Amsterdam’s finest and takes the boat for a ride. The soul lost in stars makes a debut turn in Hollywood and pays back the devil tenfold. A bag full of powder and some varied pills for the ferryman to use for his next high. Bodies sway to silence in the halls of the damned as DJs remix the many pitches of a banshees scream. Bouncers taking a cut of the proceeds from a boat free taxi driver selling chemical joy to the angels looking to lose thier halos and get into mortal pains. Gabriel hitting the dance floor with a sweet looking succubus working on the game for a fresh hit of souls and some lively prey. A red guy in the office counting pennies from heaven to covert into blood rich cash for the purchase of a speed boat to put the ferryman out of a job. The ferryman selling the speed boat on eBay and having the final laugh. A nice condo in Hollywood from which to manage wayward souls and play the fat cat whilst a fallen angel hangs on his arm. A succubus in the bedroom for after hour kicks and to lure big name players in exchange for thier souls. The big guy filling coffers with the ones that can’t pay the cost


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