I tried normal, I tried sane, this happened!

I took a bite of a friggin peach and tried a slice of sanity to corrupt the mix, some holy as fuck angel goes bitching about calories and long life so i throw her heavy a shot of something resembling drain cleaner, not just in taste and colour! And the crazy bitch is dancing on the table in g-string style

The ferryman is cloud nine in weed city and I’m trying to convince the boney arsed fucker, yes he lost his robe and some more of his dignity in high stakes poker, that he can’t grow ears and fly like Dumbo, the angel scoring dollar bills from the resident dingo, hoping flights and forging checks his vice of choice, but still the epic grade bar tab is left to my blackhole wallet

Now I’m rocking out with White Snake and making desert thirst with a bottle of that classic drain cleaner, the peach a plum as she slaps me earthquake style for pointing out she just hit an acid high and made love with a cushion, the seating aid looking happy!

So the night is young and with angel earning cash, no credit card accepted! Peach on a raging crazy and the ferryman singing Frank Sinatra and Sammy Junior, me working the mind fuck of having only asking the frog for directions!?

That’s what you get for playing cool in a world that just hit vodka pure depression!!


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