The Guardians of our Time

Clocks, imposable dominions of time that gaurd the passage from cautious tick to future tock, each a bastion of cold hearted cogs for which no pleading, trickery or bribe may make move the way that mortals would wish to extend thier passing lives

Each day we hear thier mechanical chimes bring sinister rythme to the days, a cruelly fast ticking when happiness so briefly roams, a torturously slow tock every painful second when the task we so avidly avoid is set

It was there on the ospicious day you entered the world so big in eyes so small, an echo behind the church bells that with love you tied a bond, and upon the deathbed it heralded the robed figure to bring a finality unknown in any other time

Of all our efforts to enhance and improve, delight and dance or hit a wall of regretful remorse, the two handed clock is the only thing we can never control, the keeper of all we were, could be and are

To you time we are specs of sand in a looming wave, so to pass, when the hands decide to chime and mark when it should be done, an end to some on the beating shore of life, a beginning to those carried out in currents strong of what a mere human can achieve

But always to that tick, tock, we are all chained


3 thoughts on “The Guardians of our Time

  1. Very good writing, and I do have to add that the saying “if you are dammed you might as well be dammed in style” I like that. I should apply it to myself. Or as another saying goes, Now that I´m going to hell I might as well keep on going.

    • “To hell and back, I know the journey well” and “When hells at the gates, there’s still a gate standing!” Are among my other favs, mostly used as toasts to start the day, when I’m looking in the mirror, tea in hand, thinking ‘smile, or people will insist on asking you what’s wrong all day!’

      • You got that right, start the day with a smile. Plus nobody wants to be hanging a lot with a negative person, not even the negative person itself wants to be like that, so just be happy or another of my quotes “find happiness with what you´ve got”

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